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Disposable Vs Open Pod Systems

What's the Difference

We'll start by outlining the essential distinctions between the two types of vapes because these are the only differences between vape pods and disposable vapes.

What exactly is a disposable vape, then? A disposable vape is a vaping gadget that requires no setup and is immediately usable. You can take it out of the packaging and begin vaping right away because the battery is already completely charged and there is a supply of e-liquid. However, since disposable vapes aren't made to be refilled, the e-liquid that comes with them is the only vape juice they will ever contain. You'll replace the complete gadget when the vape juice inside it runs out.

On the other hand, a pod vaping system is a rechargeable and refillable device that needs some setup before it can be used. You must first charge the battery and load the pod with vape juice in order to utilize a pod system. You will need to do routine maintenance on the device, including charging it, refilling the pod, and replacing the pod or atomizer coil when the taste quality starts to deteriorate.

Therefore, even though vaping is essentially the same whether you use a disposable vape or a vape pod, the upkeep required for owning the two different types of devices is very different. If vaping is new to you, it will be clear right away that disposable vapes are more practical and simpler to use than pod systems, but that's only the beginning. Here are a few other variations to take into account.

Disposals can be Less Expensive and Convenient

While disposable vapes are convenient, they may not be an ideal solution over time.

The fact that disposable vapes are now significantly less expensive has increased they're popularity over time. A disposable e-cigarette used to cost as much as two packs of cigarettes in the early years of vaping but only lasted about half as long. Disposable vapes were only truly useful for getting started with vaping without committing to the cost of a full vape kit due to the pricing differences between the various types of vapes.

But nowadays, it's typical for a disposable vape to have the same amount of nicotine in it as several packs of cigarettes, or even a carton. Depending on how frequently you vape and your preferred e-liquid flavors, utilizing a disposable vape may be the least expensive way to vape since it comes with its own e-liquid and doesn't require replacement pods or coils.

More Flavor Options with Pod Systems?

Overall, Yes.

These days, the most well-known e-liquid producers in the world have started licensing their flavors to the producers of disposable vaping devices. There used to be just two different kinds of disposable vapes available, but today there are many more. Nowadays automated production techniques make it possible for manufacturers to offer as many flavors as possible without raising prices.

Having said that, disposable vapes will never be able to match the complete range of flavor options you'll get when purchasing bottled vape juice. There are countless varying disposable vapes, but there are also countless varying bottled e-liquids. You need to purchase a refillable device if you want to sample the full spectrum of flavors that are offered in the vaping community.

More control over Nicotine levels

Disposable vapes are generally limited to one nicotine strength (50mg). While ok at first, it will be too high when you attempt to vape at lower nicotine levels over time. For many, this is the whole point of switching to vaping. So you can eventually stop using nicotine all together!

Disposable vaporizers with a decreased strength of 2.5 percent or 25 mg/ml are available in a small number of cases. The drop from 50 mg/ml to 25 mg/ml is significant, and if you want to go further lower, there are no other options and you must switch to a refillable device.

On the other hand, beginning with a refillable pod system provides you total control over your nicotine intake right now. Perhaps the best nicotine concentration for you isn't 50 mg/ml or 25 mg/ml, but something in the middle. Maybe you'd like to cut your nicotine intake to a level even lower than 25 mg/ml after making the whole transition to vaping. A pod system enables you to carry out each of those tasks.

The simplest approach, if you simply want to switch to vaping, is usually to use disposable vapes. However, a refillable device will likely make you happier in the long run if you want to switch to vaping while also reducing your nicotine intake.

Nicotine Salts

Pod Systems' low wattage makes them ideal for using nicotine salts. Smokers who have switched to vaping but need a stronger hit to stave off cravings might use nic salts. It is simple to unintentionally consume excessive amounts of nicotine when vaping Nic Salts at a higher wattage. A premium vaping experience that is smooth on the pull and on your throat is made possible with the help of nic salts and a lower wattage.

Now, many disposables today do primarily come with Nic Salts, but the benefit of a Pod System is that you can quickly switch out the strength or move to freebase nicotine by changing the vape juice in your pod if you want to reduce your nicotine intake.

Pros of Open Pod Systems

- Large choice of E-Juices available
- More control of nicotine levels
- Rechargeable
- Usually smaller convenient size
- Pre-Installed or replaceable coil
- Sometimes customizable
- Minimal maintenance over larger mods
- More coil and wattage options

Cons of Open Pod Systems

- Sometimes higher cost
- Slightly more maintenance

Pros of Disposables

- Simply purchase and start vaping
- No maintenance

Cons of Disposables

- Not refillable
- Limited flavors
- Limited Nicotine level options
- Lesser quality E-Liquid
- Less transparency
- Higher rate of malfunction
- Limited puffs
- Cant change burnt coil

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