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Suorin Air Mini Usage Tips

Refilling the Sourin Air Mini Pod

Start off by removing the pod from the main body/battery assembly. Once apart you can now remove the black mouth piece from the pod.

You will see three holes on top of the pod once the mouthpiece is removed. The center hole is the chimney of the coil. Do not fill from the center hole. The two outer holes are for refilling. 

Simply fill to the desired level and then snap the mouth piece back on top. The stubby tip from from some e-juice bottles should work, otherwise a small plastic syringe may be used.

Once the pod is assembled you can install it back on the battery. Once securely installed the LED will flash to indicates its made contact.

Changing the Coil Pod

When its time to replace the coil in your Air Mini, you simply replace the pod. The coil is built into the pod cartridge. 

To replace, simply pull the pod away from the battery. Once the pod is off, you will remove the mouth piece, just as if you were refilling it. The old pod can be discarded as it is. 

You can now fill the new pod with fresh e-juice and snap the mouth piece back on. Some would advice letting the juice adsorb into the coil for 10 minutes or so before using the vape.

Now attach the pod back into the battery assembly. You should see the LED light up, confirming that the pod is installed correctly. Your now ready to enjoy your Vape!

Charging your Air Mini Mod

The Air Mini has a charge port located on the bottom of the battery. There is also a USB-C style charging cable included in the package.

Simply plug the cable into an outlet and then the other end into the battery.

The LED on the front of the device will illuminate different colors depending on the state of charge. Red light indicates a low battery. As the battery charges the light will change from red to blue and finally green. Once the green light shines steady, your battery is fully charged.

Your battery should charge in about 30 minutes, once fully charged it should last at least a couple of days if not more, depending on use.

Turning On and Off

The Air Mini has no power button. Once the battery is charged and the device fully assembled, the Air Mini is ready to use. 

The coil will fire as soon as you start to inhale. Otherwise known as Draw-Activated. This device would be considered Mouth to Lung(MTL), meanig it draws much the same way a cigarette would.

Best Juice type for Suorin Air Mini

A salt nicotine e-liquid with roughly a 50/50 VG/PG ratio works best with the Suorin Air Pro. Why an e-liquid with salt nicotine? A salt nicotine liquid is advised because even a small amount of vapor can provide substantial nicotine for heavier smokers. When compared to regular e-juice, salt-based nicotine is much smoother to inhale. As a result, you can vape more without feeling uncomfortable. Over time this can help you smoke and or vape less.
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