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Suorin Air Pro Usage Tips

Refilling the Sourin Air Pro Pod

You can see the tiny, raised, black silicone rubber flap covering the oval fill port on the bottom of the pod. The oval fill port will be visible when you pull up this flap. To prevent loss, the other end of the rubber seal is fastened to the pod.

After adding your e-liquid to the pod, firmly replace the black silicone rubber seal. Since the oval fill port is a reasonable size, it can accommodate e-liquid bottles with short, stubby tips.

Push the pod down into the Suorin Air Pro once more to make sure it is firmly in place. When proper contact has been made, the LED will flash and the Air Pro will vibrate.

Charging your Air Pro Mod

The Suorin Air Pod Mod includes a Micro USB charging cable in the box, along with instructions.

By connecting the USB charging cable to the charging port on the mod's chassis and plugging it into a power source, you can now charge your air pro. Unplug the mod when the LED light on the chassis indicates that it is fully charged.
You can add e-liquid to the removeable pod cartridge. 

Your pod cartridge can now be connected to the body of the device. It will vibrate once installed and is held together magnetically.

You can now select whether you wish to inhale vapor via the draw-activated or button-activated methods. It is simple to switch between the two thanks to a button on the chassis. Decide on your approach, then vape as necessary.

Turning On and Off

The Air Pro Pod device is easy to turn on. There are two ways to turn on the Suorin Air Pro. One is the auto-draw mode, which you activate by drawing. It is highly responsive and always works! The button draw mode is one. Simply press the device's power switch five times in a row to turn it on and start vaping.

You might be asking why you need to hit the power button five times. The air pro pod is portable and spends the most of its time in your pocket when not in use. If you unintentionally pressed your pocket against the power button, it would be quite easy to switch it on. As a result, the battery in the air pro pod would continue to drain without your notice. In order to preserve battery life, the Suorin team created a power button that must be pressed five times to turn it on. Press the power switch five times in addition to the power button to turn off the vape device.

Best Juice type for Suorin Air Pro

A salt nicotine e-liquid with roughly a 50/50 VG/PG ratio works best with the Suorin Air Pro. Why an e-liquid with salt nicotine? A salt nicotine liquid is advised because even a small amount of vapor can provide substantial nicotine for heavier smokers. When compared to regular e-juice, salt-based nicotine is much smoother to inhale. As a result, you can vape more without feeling uncomfortable. Over time this can help you smoke and or vape less.
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