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Suorin Drop 2 Usage Tips

Refilling the Sourin Drop 2

The Drop2 is simple to refill. Simply remove the pod from the battery enclosure to reveal the refill ports when it's time to refuel. By pulling up on the rubber stopper, the 6mm oval hole may be seen. To the fill line, add your preferred e-juice, then put the rubber seal back in and clean off any extra. 

It is recommended to let the pod alone for 10 minutes to give the cotton in the coil time to become saturated. This will stop any off flavors and dry hits.

You can feel the magnets holding the new pod in place when you slide it back into the Drop 2 body. You can start vaping after giving the coil a few minutes to soak up the fluid.

As soon as you attach the cartridge, the LEDs ought to start to glow. The device's button on the lower edge may be required to turn it on. To turn on, press five times.

Charging your Drop 2

The device's charging port is located at the bottom. The package include a charging cable.To begin charging, simply connect one end to the device's USB-C connector and the other to the power source. 

In about an hour, the Drop 2 will be fully charged.

Turning On and Off

The Drop 2 does feature a power On/Off button. You will find it near the bottom of the body recessed into the polished metal edge. 

To turn the Drop 2 on, you simply press the power button five times. To turn the device off is actually the same. Press five times to power it off. This feature helps prevent accidental firing when in a pocket or purse.

After powering on, the LED's will light up in succesion and the same when powering down. They will also light up when you insert the cartridge.

The Drop 2 is Draw Activated, so there's no need to press the button when your vaping. Just inhale and your good to go.

Best Juice type for Suorin Drop 2

The Drop 2 is capable of using either freebase e-juice of nicotine salts. Many users prefer nicotine salts e-juice with smaller devices because you get more nicotine per puff which conserves battery life, compared to larger multi-battery mods. 
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