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Suorin Air | Review

Suorin Air Overview

For smokers and newcomers to vaping searching for an alternative to smoking, the Suorin Air is a smart choice, and also inexpensive to get started. It includes a refillable Pod that has a built in coil. Its small flat size(just under 3.5"), is perfect for pocket carry or in small purses. It is rechargeable and includes a charging cable.



One of the main benefits of the Suorin Air is the size. at only 8mm thick, this device is hardly noticeable where ever stored

Smokers starting to vape will appreciate the smooth draw when inhaling, much like taking a drag on a cigarette. Powerful enough for vaping different kinds of E-liquid but not excessive like larger devices.

Draw activated. Simply puff to get vapor.

Pick your flavor! Use your favorite e-juice in the refillable pod which holds 2mL of juice.

Suorin Air | Specs and Features

- 88mm x 45mm x 8mm
- 2mL Juice Capacity
- Plug-and-Play Ecosystem
- Integrated 400mAh Rechargeable Battery
- Direct Voltage-Based Output
- Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
- Refillable Cartridge - Plug Seal
- Two piece - Replaceable Cartridge Design
- On/Off Switch
- MicroUSB Charging Port

Package Contents

- 1 Suorin Air V2 System
- 1 Refillable Pod with Built In Coil
- 1 Micro USB Cable
- Instructional Manual

Suorin air package contents

Battery Life

The 400mAh battery strikes the perfect balance between compact size and performance. Depending on personal use, the Suorin Air will last anywhere between several hours to a few days. Again this all depends on the frequency of use, like any other device.

The battery has more than enough power to replicate the drag and lung feel achieved from smoking a cigarette.



The Suorin Air has a smooth draw and produces more than enough vapor to to satisfy a smoker that's using the Air to get away from cigarettes. There was also a revision done to the Pod several years ago, that improved airflow and prevents dry hits.

Suorin Air Pod Mouthpiece

Suorin Air Design

Shape is undoubtedly one of the Suorin Air's most distinctive features. Instead of adopting the tried-and-true strategy that helped make products like the Juul a standard in the industry, the Suorin Air has an rounded rectangular design that is comfortable to hold and ideal for pocket carry.

The Suorin Air uses the typical two-piece assembly found on most pod-style devices, which consists of the main body of the device, which houses the battery and charging port, and the actual pod, which is made up of the coil and tank used to store e-liquid. The end result is a simple and user-friendly solution that should make starting to vape much more possible, even for beginners.

Suorin air size dimensions

Replaceable Pod

Suorin Air Replaceable Pod

Plug and play simplicity are a benefit of the Suorin Air, so you won't need any equipment to set it up. The Air's pod has a built in 1.2ohm coil. The Pod is held magnetically to the body when slipped together. Quality contacts create a a tight connection between the coil and battery.

Because the cartridge is made of food-grade PETG, you don't have to be concerned about chemicals from the plastic leaking into your preferred e-liquid.

Refilling the Pod

Suorin Air Pods fit into the top of the battery/body with ease, and are simple to refill by taking out the rubber plug from the bottom and adding liquid via the filling slot. The plug is high quality and built to last, while preventing leaks with a tight seal.

Refill plug for Suorin Air Replaceable Pod

The flexibility to precisely select the flavor of vape juice you wish to fill your Suorin Air cartridge with is the key advantage of this refillable design. 


Charging the Suorin Air

A full charge can be achieved in about a half hour. The Air also has pass-through charging, so you can vape while charging



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