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Suorin Air Mini | Review

Suorin Air Mini Review

This review of the Suorin Air Mini will highlight the features and benefits of this compact open pod vape. Hands down one of the most discreet and stylish vapes on the market. Perfect for on the go vaping, or whenever a small  device is needed. Its rechargeable, refillable and very easy to use.

Mint colored Suorin Air Mini vape



Size is one of the main benefits of the Suorin Air Mini, at just under 3" long and a half inch thick, its the perfect on the go vape

Smokers starting to vape will appreciate the smooth draw when inhaling, much like taking a drag on a cigarette. Powerful enough for vaping different kinds of E-liquid but not excessive like larger devices.

Draw activated. Simply puff to get vapor.

Pick your flavor! Use your favorite e-juice in the refillable pod which holds 2mL of juice.

Suorin Air | Specs and Features

- Dimensions: 75mm x 32.3mm x 13.7mm
- 2mL Juice Capacity
- Plug-and-Play Ecosystem
- Integrated 430mAh Rechargeable Battery
- Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
- Refillable Cartridge
- Two piece - Replaceable Cartridge Design
- Clapton style - 1ohm coil
- USB-C Charging Port
- Battery life - Indicator light
- Aluminum Alloy Construction

Package Contents

- 1 Suorin Air Mini System
- 1 Refillable Pod with Built In 1ohm Coil
- 1 USB-C Charging Cable
- 1 Product Card
- 1 Instructional Manual


Battery Life

The 430mAh battery offers lots of power in a small size. The Air Mini's charge will last a couple days if not more depending on usage. Again this all depends on the frequency of use. The small but powerful device operates at 14 watts.

When filled with Nic Salt ejuice, this battery/ coil combination is perfect for satisfying nicotine cravings without the bulky size of larger vapes. 


The Suorin Air Mini features two air inlets on either side of the main body. For a small device this setup delivers surprisingly good airflow. Its draw activated; just star inhaling and you'll get rich flavorful vapor. This combined with the Clapton Style Coil will satisfy the the most serious smokers.

Suorin Air Mini air inlet on side of chassis

Suorin Air Mini Design

The Air Mini is built out of aluminum alloy and therefore quite strong and lightweight. The refillable cartridge slips nicely in place from the top. This gives the device a smooth, seamless look and feel.

The slender shape gives the Mini a low profile, so it wont get in the way when slipped into a pocket. It almost looks like a large USB drive, so overall very discreet compared to other devices and disposables.

The  Air Mini's body houses the battery and the charging port on the bottom. It also has the battery indicator light on the face of the battery.

The Air Mini weighs a mere 22.5 grams

The following colors are available for the Air Mini:

- Mint Green
- Silver
- Black
- Star Spangled Red
- Star Spangled Blue
- Red
- Diamond Blue
- Light Blue
- Rose Gold
- Gold

Suorin Air Mini Color Selection



Air Mini | Replaceable Cartridge

The pod is as wide as the body, so when inserted it acheive its smooth shape

The Pod is held magnetically to the body when slipped together. Quality contacts create a tight connection between the coil and battery. The mouth piece then clips on covering the pod. The top of the pod has two filling holes for e-juice. It is sealed by the mouth piece once installed

Air Mini cartridge coil contacts

The cartridge is made of food-grade PCTG, which is also chemical resistant, and high impact strength.

The cartridge holds 2ml of eliquid, and houses the built in 1ohm coil. The coil is not replaceable, so when it burns out, you simply replace the entire pod.

You can purchase Suorin Air Mini Pod Cartridges here.

Refilling the Pod

To fill The Air mini simply remove the black mouth piece which will expose the two circular holes(on either side of the coil chimney hole). Do not fill into the center hole. A small nozzle or plastic syringe can be used to fill the pod.

Suorin Air Mini refilling ports

Once filled simply place the mouth piece over the pod and snap in place.

Suorin Air Mini pod and mouth piece

The ability to fill the Air Mini with the juice of your choice is one of the benefits of the Air Mini. It allows you greater flexibility out of a disposable sized vape.

A 50/50% VG/PG ratio is ideal for the Air Mini because of the smaller wicking ports. You can use either freebase nicotine ejuice or nic salt. Nic Salt however would be ideal for someone wanting more nicotine at once, since the Mini maxes out at 14watts.


Charging the Suorin Air

The Air Mini will fully charge in about 30 minutes. The charging port is on the bottom of the main body. A type-C USB charging cable is included.

Suorin Air Mini USB-C Charging Port

The LED light on the body will cycle from red to blue and finally green as the Mini charges over time. Once the light is steady green, the battery is fully charged. 

Suorin Air Mini LED Charging Level Light

 Air Mini Costs

Th Suorin Air Mini retails for $16.99 and the Pods sell for $3.99


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